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  1. Madhankumar M

    Hi Varun
    Just came across your website and realised we share a lot of things in common. I did my M.Arch in IIT-Roorkee around the same time you were in. I am too interested in Vaults and have been working on something for my own home and excited to see that you have already built one in the same lines. I would be interested to take your professional help for my own home at a really low cost on my site off bannerghatta road. What do you think.


    • vtarchitect

      I would be happy to help Madhan, Why dont you take the time off to attend a workshop we are organizing.. there are a few coming up in Bangalore this month. Most workshops are very affordable and the fees are going towards noble causes.

  2. Asha

    I am not a architecture person, but for a while had been looking at different traditional forms of construction. I stay in chennai and I have a plot of land in vijayawada andhra pradesh for which I want to get the construction done by traditional methods. Can you execute the project or can you suggest people who can do the same in vijayawada?


    • vtarchitect

      Dear Asha,
      Thanks for writing to us. We do not know people who build vernacular in vijaywada but I am sure you will find the needed skill and knowhow in nearby villages there.
      Typically, when I start such a project, I make several trips to nearby villages to find talent, materials and make connections. Things fall in place.

      We would be happy to talk about your project, however, I will not be in India till June 2016 to execute something in person.
      Varun Thautam


    Dear Sir,
    I am balamoorthi from namakkal (Student of Dr.Nammalvar) , you are doing a wonderful job to the society. I am very happy to meet you Soon. I am giving guest lecture in organic farming and Good foods
    my contact number is 7200264219
    thank you sir

  4. Hello Varun !

    I am happy to see your work and I am sure that there are lot of things to learn from you. Do let me know if there are workshop in chennai or also if you need volunteer for a short duration.

    Hitesh Kumar

    • vtarchitect

      Hitesh, We do need volunteers at the Cuckoo School. you can see a dome being constructed.. assist my masons in building it. We need a minimum of weeks commitment. Register here:

  5. Viswanathan

    Hey Varun,
    I’m interested in adobes and vaults too. How do I get to know the happening of workshops like the one happened at Forest. (Cuckoo Forest School).

    • vtarchitect

      Vishwanathan, We do need volunteers at the Cuckoo School. you can see a dome being constructed.. assist my masons in building it. We need a minimum of weeks commitment. Register here:

  6. Sunita Dighe

    I have built a semi cob cottage near Khopoli in Maharashtra. Wanted to learn about earth and natural plasters… Would also love to see your work. Will be in Bangalore in September…is it possible to meet?

    • vtarchitect

      Dear Sunita,
      Wonderful to hear from you. I am in Mexico at the moment and will return in December. You are welcome to come see work at any or our construction sites in Bangalore.
      If you need assistance with plasters and natural finishes.. you can contact Jeremy and Shruthi. they run a firm called

  7. Nayan Jain

    Hey Varun ,
    I am an architectural student in SPA Delhi, in the 4th year as you would also know that we have to do an intern ship under an architect. Its a requirement of curriculum, but I think for me its much more than just an intern ship. I want to learn more of architecture on the real site, build with my own hands, helping people building it, understanding basics of different materials other than concrete, enjoy a complete new settings and desire to build my thoughts, although intern ship would be a short period for it but I want to give it a start.

    Last year I was with Satprem Maini in Auroville learning basics of mud architecture and it was very interesting we were learning new materials, and earth did fascinated me. I want to learn more of it to get complete understandings of it.

    So in simple words I would like to join you as an intern, helping you and learning at the same time and contribute/share my knowledge if I have any which can suit the task, I have emailed you my resume and portfolio at also the same is emailed to madeinearth at, Please take a review of it and reply if I suit for the purpose.

    thanking you,

    Nayan Jain
    School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi,

    • vtarchitect

      Dear Nayan,
      I am sorry to reply this late. I saw your comment on my blog and finally got to reply to you. Your portfolio is impressive and you sound like a dedicated soul. I am sure you have found a rightful internship by now. However, if you wish to work with us in the future (post June 2016), Let me know and I will inform you when I am back in India.
      As of now we are building in Mexico and are returning to start more projects in India this coming May 2016. We are really looking forward to being back in India.
      All the best for your future endeavors

  8. arunraj

    hai, i am arunraj vr ( student architect) from kerala doing my b arch course(currently 4 th year).Is there any chance for me to work with you after completing my course ? .

    • vtarchitect

      Yes its possible to work with me, from July 2016 onwards.
      Send me your portfolio and a cover letter of interest. What do you want to learn?

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