Workshop – July 04-05 Rammed Earth Workshop – Hyderabad

A workshop organized by Ar. Pratyusha Viddam. Rammed Earth formwork was designed and fabricated by Pratyusha on design inputs from Jeremie Gaudin from

It was attended by 12 participants, mainly architects and project managers from different firms in Hyderabad.

The one day onsite workshop involved

Construction of a rammed earth wall.

  1. Study of soils and preparation of mixes for rammed earth
  2. Panel arrangement for design and fabrication of formwork panels.
  3. Assembly sequence and precautions for rammed earth.
  4. Ramming
  5. Disassembly

Earth and Lime plasters

  1. Soil mixes and ratios
  2. Lime mixes
  3. Basecoat
  4. Base protection coat
  5. Finish Coat
  6. Patterns and Textures with Earth


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