The Big Banyan tree of Achhayyapally, Telangana

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Just before Achhayyapally village and after Jyothismathi College, about 2 Kms from the Highway lies this huge banyan tree. (Click here to spot and compare the size of the tree with the village itself). It is this oasis of a green patch south of the village. There is a small shrine under it served by an old couple who come here from the village only on a sunday to light a lamp for lord Hanuman. 

Among a multitude of birds, animals that call this tree their home, are a few families of monkeys. They appear to be on a lifelong holiday, safe, secure and really not bothered about the world outside their beloved microcosmic home. They lie on their backs on branches low and high, swinging their tails lazily to a leisurely rythm.


A few of them notice our presence. The others ignore us completely. Watching them and feeling ignored takes you to the verge of an annoying self reflection. They have nothing to do, no where to go.. yet so contented that you just cant help but imagine how they might be feeling. The last time I felt like that was on a beach.. for a holiday that I’ve worked hard for. This is their life every single day of their lives!


Do go there, and experience it for yourself. Please..tread sofly please!. Dont do anything that would upset this beautiful balance under the shade. Maybe this tree is their “sea of green”..and they were probably humming “We all live in a Yellow Submarine:-)

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