Eat fruit when you walk through the woods, Xilitla, Mexico

On an afternoon walk with Margarita Pedraza and family, we carried a bag of fresh and juicy Orange. Local, wild oranges handpicked on our way.. whose taste cannot be described as anything short of being heavenly. While eating orange after orange on our walk along this beautiful path lined with wild and tame orange, chicoo, lemon and sweetlime trees…a beautiful thought struck me.

The old trees asks nothing but to spit its seeds out far and away along our road. Next time you go on a walk through the woods, take the fruits along and nothing else. You will surely feel the trees thanking you. You will be thankful in return for the sweetness of their generosity. Its at that very moment..  you will realize why you were walking through the woods in the first place.

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  1. Lebba

    Varun, we as human beings also should lead a life as other creatures in the world around us.
    Our food, habitat, culture and other supporting elements should be local and I believe localization is the real act against globalization by thinking globally. I am just writing to you sharing my thoughts while reading your lines eat fruit when you walk through the woods.
    You can observe in the nature except us ( the irresponsible human being) all other creatures in this world is just doing their deed involuntarily and slowly fades away to the eternal world (from where they came) without disturbing the rhythm of nature. We should also live in the wild eat in the wild and disperse in the wild accelerating the natural purification process of the life and to have more healthier generations to evolve.

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