Adityas farmhouse

Tirutthani – Completed

A lot can be achieved with a hands on, brave, risk taking young client who understands the visions of an architect. Aditya approached me seeking help to build his farmhouse – home that he would set himself up in to start practicing sustainable farming. He had just bought the land and had a limited budget of Rs 5.0 lakhs to build his home.

Aditya plugged himself into the local support system by becoming a part of the community early on. A great team was put together that was ready for the unique experience to build with vaults and domes. It took about 8 days of being on site with the workers to make them confident enough to carry on building Adobe Vaults.




  1. V.Purushothaman

    Hi, can I have the site visit of Adityas farmhouse, thiruthani. I too want to build a same kind of house in my farm located in Acharapakkam, kanchipuram dist.

    • vtarchitect

      Dear Purushottaman,
      We would be happy to build for you! Please give me a call on 96110 96108 ad we can talk. I am currently in India and we are building soon at Tiruvannamalai. Lets talk,
      Varun Thautam

      • V.Purushothaman

        Hi, thanks for your response. now im in UAE, My vacation is from 16thJuly to 30July. Once i reach home i will give you a call regarding…

  2. Sudhakar


    I am Sudhakar.Basically from Tamil Nadu.I am nature lover person.
    Presently I am in US.My passion is to live in a house similar to your Aditya Project house.Intrested to build house by using natural materials.I like Aditya house very much.I want to use only natural resources.

    Will you help and guide me to build my home.

    • vtarchitect

      Sure why not Sudhakar, It would be our pleasure to build for you. Call me sometime on +91 96110 96108. I am currently in India and can visit your site to understand what you have..

      • Sudhakar

        I tried calling you few weeks before…I hope you are busy.My Site is in pondicherry.

  3. N.Ramani

    Can you take up a project on a turnkey basis at Coimbatore? The exact location is up in the western ghats, about 50 km., from Coimbatore. The only material that I want to be used is about 7500 no., bricks which I had bought and is there to be used. If I dont use it, it will become a waste. Other material can be to your specifications and requirements. I would like to have a farmhouse nestled in the hills, maybe about 800 Sq.Ft.,

    • vtarchitect

      Dear N Ramani,
      Do write to me in detail. We can build turnkey in Coimbatore.. of course. But you will have to get involved in organizing stuff for the workers, getting permits and making arrangements for materials.

  4. Looks like this Farm House –

    Can you confirm?

    • vtarchitect


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